Pests and diseases do not respect international borders. They are capable of moving from one country to the next, especially when there is a land border.

To be effective as an early warning system for tree health, an understanding of how close pests or diseases are, where they have spread to and how they continue to move, provides important information on the latest threats. This helps Observatree and our partners to identify which species to prioritise, the likely direction of travel and potential points of entry into the UK.

An important element of Observatree is to work through its partners with international organisations to share information of pests and diseases and describe how our the Observatree project forms part of the UK’s tree health strategy. We are keen to share our experiences of a successful citizen science project, as well as learn from others elsewhere. 

As part of our international collaborations, Observatree has both hosted and participated in international conferences on tree health and citizen science. We have hosted blogs from tree health colleagues beyond the UK and are keen to provide more for our audience. We continue to seek opportunities to support similar tree health citizen science projects outside of the UK.

If you are located outside of the UK, interested in tree health and citizen science and would like to learn more about our project, please contact us.

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