I currently have two volunteering roles with the Woodland Trust. I began back in 2012 as a Verifier on their Ancient Tree Hunt project.

Prior to that I became a volunteer Surveyor with the Herefordshire Parklands Project where I gained the initial skills and experience to allow me to record and map ancient and veteran trees.

In fact it was the Project Manager who suggested I might be interested in doing a very similar role for the Woodland Trust. I started to volunteer as an Ancient Tree Hunt Verifier and then I signed up to become an Observatree volunteer back in February 2013.

Personally, I enjoy volunteering as it gets you out and about. It keeps me occupied in my retirement. Being able to have studied different tree aspects over the last few years means it has become my forte – which I’m passionate about keeping up.

By undertaking these roles I’m keeping myself busy doing something I really enjoy and like to think I’m making a difference.