Pest or disease?

Latin name:
Agrilus anxius

Host trees:
All birch species

Present in the UK?

Tree Alert required?

The bronze birch borer is a wood boring beetle from North America.

This pest is not known to have spread outside its native range, but poses a threat as it could be introduced through movement of wood packaging, wood products and live plant materials.

As a wood boring pest, the bronze birch borer causes damage to host trees during its larval phase. The larvae feed and tunnel in the inner bark and cambium of the tree, this can prevent the tree moving and accessing water and essential nutrients. As a result, a heavy infestation can be fatal. This pest is difficult to detect as much of its life is spent inside the tree. Signs and symptoms include yellowing foliage, leaf loss, swellings or bumps on the branches or stems along with rust-coloured sap and D-shaped exit holes in the outer bark. For more information on bronze birch borer see the resources below.