Pest or disease?

Causal agent:
Ceratocystis plataniĀ (fungus)

Host species:
Plane treesĀ 

Present in the UK?

Tree Alert required?

Plane wilt, also called canker stain of plane, is a disease that affects plane trees.

The causal agent is a fungus native to North America. It is not present in the UK but is present in mainland Europe. The disease affects the trees water and nutrient transport systems and is fatal within 3 to 7 years of infection.

This disease causes sudden wilting of foliage. This can occur across the whole crown if the fungus entered via the roots, or in discrete areas of the crown if the fungus was introduced above ground. Leaf loss and yellowing may also occur. The disease causes cankers, these can be difficult to see and can appear as vertical cracks in the bark. Under the bark dark brown staining may be evident. For more information on plane wilt please see the resources below.